twitterinstagramDear Morrisville-Eaton Families, Ms. Tracy Durkee

Another week is behind us as we have transitioned to a different method for delivering instruction to our students.   In an effort to continue positive communication, it is important to keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Communication is imperative at a time such as this. Teachers have been trying to connect with all their students almost daily.  It may be difficult to know just how to help during this time. The best thing we can ask of you, as parents and guardians, is to talk with your child. Have they connected with their teacher? Until we have everyone connected and with a device, we realize this is not the easiest for everyone. However, our teachers are using internet platforms, emails, texts, and phone calls to try to communicate.  Ask your child if they have been in contact. Reach out to the teachers who your child hasn't been in contact with. And remember that we all have one goal: to get through this together with the utmost success for your student!  Knowing that there are different needs for delivering that instruction, there are different delivery methods your child’s teacher has identified to best fit all students’ needs.  These expectations include:

  • Work on schoolwork teachers provide. Some was given today, while more will be made available as the time goes on. It may be given to students through email or another social platform. It may be provided in other ways, such as digitally. We will know more as information becomes available. All students should be able to reach out to their teachers from our website, at  It is important for students to consistently communicate with their teachers.
  • It is important for students to do the work given. We expect that, while various formats are going to be offered to do the work, that students continue to be accountable for their work.  This is not a vacation from school, but rather a different place to do their school work.  We ask that students do the work given because the work matters.  We don’t know at this time when assessments will be given, and we have to keep up-to-date on the review material the teachers provide for the students. There are also many other websites that you can access to best help your student at home, such as and  
  • All material being sent home is review only; no new learning material will be given at this time, but may change in the coming weeks.
  • At this time, student work will be ungraded, but expected to be done.
  • Additionally, student grades for the 30-week marking period will also be computed based on what has been accomplished thus far.
  • Students will be expected to bring the work back when school re-opens or have the teachers see the work online, depending upon the format they use.

Currently, our District is working on ways to continue to help your students, including food needs. Please check our website for further information from our Superintendent as he gets it. Navigating these waters is new to us all.  Thank you for your understanding, patience, and collaboration. As always, please feel free to reach out should you need anything.  Stay healthy!


Ms. Tracy Durkee
Middle/High School Principal
(315) 684-9121


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