Welcome Back, Ms. Tracy Durkee Warriors!

Dear Morrisville-Eaton Families,

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year!  What a summer we have had with library renovations, summer program, driver’s education, and staff working on curriculum together! We are bursting at the seams to start a new, fun-filled year of learning!

This school year, there are minimal staff changes.  Stepping into the library aide position will be Julie Jones, a familiar face with a passion for books!  In addition, we welcome two new aides,Katherine Williams and Andrea Lehmann, who will be helping serve our students in multiple capacities. Additionally, we welcome Adrienne Lee, our new nurse at the MS/HS!

With the major changes to our library, and the summer beautification of our buildings by our tireless building and grounds staff, we would like to warmly invite you in to have a look! Our Open House     event is a wonderful time to support your child’s educational programming, get to know their teachers, and learn the structure of your child’s day! This year our Open House will be on October 17, from   5:30 – 7:00 pm, starting with a spaghetti dinner! What a wonderful way to start  a  new year by breaking bread!

A primary focus this year at MECS will be social and educational health.  The demands on our students these days comes I many forms: schoolwork, home life, social media, peers, etc. Being able to balance and manage it all is the goal.  We aim to best help or students through character education initiatives, such as Capturing Kids’ Hearts and the Positivity Project.  Both programs have common language and build a strong foundation of kindness, compassion, and a fixed mindset.  School today s about so much more than academics. When we can feed the whole child, not only will academics flourish, but so will the ability to contentedly balance all of life’s demands.  Our caring and knowledgeable staff will be beacons of strength for your students, through connections as well as developed relationships.  In that right, we also welcome and encourage you to be a vital part of this experience through various opportunities for you to develop a partnership with us throughout the year.


Ms. Tracy Durkee
Middle/High School Principal
(315) 684-9121